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NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ LCD compatible 330MHz DisplayPort™ to Dual Link DVI-D converter for NVIDIA® DisplayPort capable products.

Connect your NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready Dual Link digital display to your NVIDIA DisplayPort capable GPU or notebook using this converter. This converter enables you to run 3D professional, gaming, and photo content – that does not require HDCP – through your DisplayPort connector.

This product is also recommended for professional and medical applications requiring maximum bandwidth of 330MHz and DDC/CI functionality.

This product requires an available USB port that is used to provide power to the device.

Please note:

  • Not recommended for Blu-ray 3D applications or other 3D applications requiring HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) support.
  • Not recommended for supporting analog displays.
Connectivity Connector 1: Male 1x20 DisplayPort
Connector 2: female 1 x 24 pin digital DVI-D
Connector 3: Male USB connector for power
Resolution This converter can support resolution
- 2560x1600 @ 60 Hz for 2D displays
- 1920x1200 @ 120Hz for professional 3D projectors.
- 1920x1080 @ 120Hz for 3D Vision Ready LCDs
Compatibility This product has been tested and validated using NVIDIA GPUs and the latest NVIDIA drivers