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Turn your 3DTV into the ultimate, high-definition, 3D entertainment experience

NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ lets you connect your NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU-powered PC or notebook to an HDMI 3D TV for the ultimate, high-definition, big-screen 3D entertainment experience. Don't just watch your 3D TV. Leverage the power of your NVIDIA GeForce-powered PC to create an immersive 3D gaming experience on your 3D TV.

3DTV Play will run on NVIDIA GeForce-based PCs running Microsoft Windows Vista or 7. Click here for a complete list of supported GPUs, 3D TVs, and other system requirements.

Already own a 3D Vision PC? Upgrade now to 3DTV Play

NVIDIA 3DTV Play software is available as a free upgrade for all 3D Vision PCs. Download the latest Release 260 GeForce Drivers for desktop GPUs and Release 260 Verde Notebooks drivers for notebook GPUs.

Note: Please view this knowledge base article for important information regarding installation of the NVIDIA 3DTV Play software.